Sister, Sister, Italian Greyhound


My sister and I just returned from a relaxing weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. It was so relaxing and so beautiful and so…yummy.

We gave up any hopes of eating healthy on Friday afternoon. My favorite yummy treat? A French Toast with Maple Syrup and BACON cupcake! Weirdest dessert I’ve ever eaten but sooo yummy!

There was a jacuzzi that we utilized both nights we were there. My sister, Margie’s little Italian Greyhound, Nike, also joined us at the cabin. He’s the cutest thing that has ever lived but a HUGE pain in the ass. The first night while we were soaking in the jacuzzi, he sat outside and cried. So we put him in the jacuzzi with us. That’s right – 2 girls and an Italian Greyhound in a Jacuzzi. It must have been a funny sight to behold.

We went on a hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains and found a waterfall! We kept going and going and finally made it to the top of the mountain…that probably worked off that french toast bacon cupcake, right?

We also had fun just looking for things to photograph. We both have a passion for photography so this was the perfect weekend with the perfect weather with the perfect scenery.

Funniest moment? I invented a new word. If you’ve ever seen an Italian Greyhound, you know that they are tiny little things…and they have…tiny little things. We were driving somewhere and I mentioned Nike’s little “shlong” and my sister said, “I don’t think you can call it a shlong.” Thus, our new word. Shlort. See picture for definition. We get a lot of joy out of making fun of this cute little animal.

Also, thanks to a little tip from my wordpress friend, Malia’s blog (Self Professed Product Obsessed), we both tried out our new skin regimen, Monistat 7. You heard me right.

Margie (left) & me (right)

Well, too bad it’s over. Sucks to have to go back to reality after such a nice, relaxing, word-inventing, picture taking, hiking in the mountains, dog-walking perfect weekend. The weekend may be over but “shlort” will stay with us forever. 🙂


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