This blog is a memorial to my dog.  He passed away from this world January 31, 2012.
I miss him dearly.

I wouldn’t necessarily put myself in the category of “Dog Person.” I would, however, label myself a “Brutus Person.”

My sister, Margie, and I got Brutus in November of the year 2000. We were single girls and needed a guard dog. We had no idea how much we would grow to love this sweet Doberman/Chow mixed breed dog. He was the biggest puppy in the litter. He earned his name by the comment made by the owner, “He’s quite a brute, isn’t he?”

He was a crazy puppy; always finding ways to get out of the yard and go running around the neighborhood. We had a tornado rip through our town in Green Cove Springs, Florida once when he only weighed about 10 pounds and luckily, he wasn’t taken away from us that day.

After I got married in 2002, we moved to Washington state and took our Brutus with us. He LOVED the cold and especially the snow. We lived there for 8 years and then moved back to the south (Georgia) when Brutus was about 10 years old. Brutus’ health continued to decline until we finally decided to have him put to sleep on January 31, 2012. He had a breathing problem that caused him not to get enough oxygen in his body. In turn, this began to make the other organs in his body to start to fail. Rather than watch him die a painful death, we decided to do the humane thing and let him go without any pain.

We were with him until the end, crying and telling stories of his life. After our veterinarian administered the shot to him, his sweet heart stopped beating within about 30 seconds. It was a very peaceful death. We stayed with him for about another 10 minutes after he left us and then said good bye to our friend forever. Good bye, little bear. We will miss you always.


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