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Just one of those things that always bothers me…IMG_9700 IMG_9701

Every time I walk through the undergarment area in a store, I always laugh at the models they use to promote the modern-day corset undergarments. Really? Are these the people wearing these things? Come on. Are the ladies who actually wear these thinking that these models are heavier under these garments but that the “ULTRA FIRM CONTROL” has made these women appear to be a size 2?

PUT A WOMAN WHO ACTUALLY NEEDS ONE OF THESE GARMENTS ON THE PACKAGE. That is the only realistic way to market these things. But they couldn’t do that because we all know that all these things do is push fat from one area into another. No one is losing a size. The only way to do that is diet and exercise. The models in these photos haven’t lost a size. All these garments did for them was emphasize their already small shape.

Get real.