My Affair with the Gym


I’ll admit it. I used to hate the gym. I dreaded going and doing all that cardio. Something happened though. About 6 months after I started working out on a regular basis (Fall of 2009), I became addicted. Addicted to the feeling of accomplishment I get after running 6 miles. Addicted to the pounds that just keep falling off. Addicted to feeling better in my own body and mind.
I can control it. It’s one of the only things in my life I feel that way about. It makes me feel strong and beautiful, healthy and confident.
One of my new favorite things is yoga. I LOVE yoga! I can go into the class feeling overwhelmed and stressed and leave an hour later feeling calm and relaxed. I remember my first class was so amazing and relieved so much anxiety that I almost burst into tears!
My husband always asks me if I’m going to see my boyfriend, Gym or “Jim.” It’s true. Gym is the other love of my life. Just wish he would stop cheating on me with all those other people!


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  1. I am a little jealous. I want to love Gym but I can’t seem to commit to any more than a one-day stand. Good for you!

    • It really did take a while. It came about because I had just turned 29. I realized I was the most unhappy I’d ever been in my life and the thought of turning 30 wasn’t helping. I decided if I had to turn 30, I was going to look great doing it! I’m very goal-oriented so that’s what kept me there.

      • That’s awesome! Good for you! Keep up those good habits because what they say is true – it does just get harder. I just turned 42 – my metabolism has gone on a permanent vacation!

  2. When I started high school and was told I was required to take two years of gym, I determined to get it over with as soon as possible. I took gym in my freshman and sophomore years. I still remember the beginning of each year; the pain so bad it was hard to get into and out of my desk. A lot of people would not have looked forward to a minor surgery but I did. The doctor told me not to work out in gym after the growth was removed. The teacher told me I had to dress out anyway. I stretched that little surgery out to a six week hiatus from gym. The teacher didn’t fall for it and I got a D on my report card. I was angry about the grade but I got out of gym. When I enrolled in college and was told gym was a requirement, I was offended because I thought since I was an adult I could decide whether to be active or not. Since I dropped out the first day of school I got out of that gym class. I have been mostly inactive ever since except for short periods of walking and the time I ran with a friend. Oh yes, there was the seven mile bike ride with friends with you in the child seat on the back of my bicycle.

    I admit it now; I would have been better off if I had your attitude. I am proud of you, Jane.

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