What a Difference A Day Can Make


This picture was taken March 17, 2012, only 2 days before she left us.

Yesterday? Yesterday was perfect. Yesterday I was with my mom at her house. I played with her kitties. I laughed with her. I sat in her lap and she rocked me. That’s right. I’m 32 years old but I’m her baby and she still makes me sit in her lap every time I visit.
Today is hell. Today I woke up to calls telling me my perfect mother had 3 heart attacks and was in emergency surgery. I am sitting not on her lap but in an uncomfortable chair in a room in ICU. I am staring at tubes coming out all over her body. I am watching blood come out of her nose and mouth. She needs prayers and healing and a MIRACLE.
The picture you see was taken of me and my mom only 2 days ago.
I write this to beg for anyone who believes in anything to PLEASE PRAY. I don’t want to lose my mom. I’m not ready for this. She is quite certainly the most caring, loving, innocent, sweetest, most non-judgmental, BEAUTIFUL woman who has ever lived.
I also write this to remind you that you have NO IDEA what tomorrow will bring. Show your love to those in your life. Are you not speaking to someone? Make it right before it’s too late. The argument won’t matter to you anymore once that person is no longer around. Make every moment count. Life is too short and much too fragile. Love so much that it hurts. Love with fierceness.


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  1. This is a tough time, I am praying for her and you. That’s not usually something I do, but I feel like it’s the right thing,for once. Your mom sounds amazing. I am taking your words to heart!

    • She was amazing. Thank you for praying. She didn’t come back to us but God chose to take her home to be with Him. She was a very strong woman and she held up a fight but she was ushered into the next life by her children and baby brother at her bedside. We lost a great woman and heaven gained the very best new spirit this world had to offer. She leaves behind a legacy.

      • When people connect through love such as you have, there will always be the presence and love felt from each other, even long after one is gone from the other in physical form, their essence remains. I am sorry for your loss, although really I am happy for what you never lost, the chance to be with and have an amazing mother. I can’t imagine the pain of knowing you won’t sit on her lap again, but I also can’t imagine the joy you had from getting to do so in the first place. I am trying to say, in my rambling way, that you are blessed and in my thoughts today.

    • Thank you. Make every moment count. Your girls may not act like they want it but when you’re not with them anymore, it will be memories and feelings they will carry with them forever. She slipped away from us just after midnight.

      • Jane, I stayed up last night praying and waiting for facebook updates. I was shocked and devastated to hear that she passed. My last blog post is very similar to this, only fast forward three years. Your mom was beautiful inside and out, and oh how she loved her family, and her Savior! I’m so glad we know, without a doubt, where she is right now. Please know, I’m praying for you all. May God give you his perfect peace. ♥

      • Thank you, Amy. I know you know what I’m going through. She is with your mom now, walking streets of gold and worshipping the Savior she told me about so many times.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I am thankful that you recently spent time with your Mama, and, that you can be by her side right now. I am praying that angels will be with her, watching over your Mama right now. God holds and knows her future. He will aid her, and you. Praying for a miracle, and for His perfect will.

  3. Jane, I am so sorry for your loss, nothing will ever replace your wonderful Mother. Hug tight and smile bright when your thinking of her. Love aunt Candy

  4. Oh sweetie – I am so sorry that things like this happen….I lost my mom when she was 7 years older than your Mom…I was 41..it wrecked my world for awhile. I went to school with your mom – we both graduated in 1971 from Clay Jr-Sr High School. I will always remember her for her kindness, her wit, and her intelligence. Such great traits in a person. You will be sad all your life over this, but it will ease up. Just remember to honor your mom by being the best person you can be. God bless you and your family.

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