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Amateur Photographer


That’s right! I am now an amateur photographer selling my photos on BigStockPhoto.com! My gallery of 47 images can be viewed at the following link: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/profile/JaneEmily

As of yet, none have sold, but that is not the accomplishment. To me, the accomplishment was taking 47 photos that were considered good enough to be accepted by a stock photo site. I can’t tell you the feeling of achievement this gives me. I bought my camera for this very purpose a little over a year ago and now it has finally come to fruition.

This is only the beginning. I plan to upload my photos to many other stock photo sites and hopefully make a nice little side business out of it. I have a lot to learn about photography. I’ve got a few books to read and I hope to take some classes to learn more.

UPDATE: Just sold my first image! No longer an amateur! Officially professional now!