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Bathroom Pictures


I despise it. Stop it, ladies (and yes, some gentlemen)! There is nothing flattering about your pretty face with a toilet in the background. I’ve even seen photos of girls in public restrooms and you can actually see the stall in the background with someone’s pants around her ankles! Do us all a favor and crop that shit out! Better yet, just stop altogether. There are so many other places to take a photo!
Let’s also not forget the lovely close ups of a girl on the toilet with the hand towel in the background. This should be embarrassing to you. Why subject the world to one of the most vulgar parts of what we, as human beings all do? However, you still don’t seem to have gotten the message.
Well, here it is. I will lay it out for you. Pictures at parties, in you car (hopefully not while driving), in front of the Eiffel Tower, dancing, performing, sleeping…I think you get the picture – these are OK. Pictures of you in the bathroom, on the toilet, 2 or more of you in front of the bathroom sink with the toilet in the background, etc., NOT OK. Got it? Good.