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Penguins Can Fly?


PenguinsI recently visited the Georgia Aquarium.  I love that place.  I could sit there all day staring at those fish 🙂

Something else I could watch all day…PEOPLE.  People are so interesting.  I am a lover of humor and I find the natural things people do quite humorous.  So, I’m at the Georgia Aquarium and I’m watching the penguins (yay penguins!).  I overhear these 2 know-it-alls conversing.  They’re going back and forth about stuff they obviously have no idea about (I’m chuckling to myself).  The penguins are wearing these little beads on their wing (pictured).  I don’t know what it’s for but I assume it is some type of marker so they can tell the penguins apart.  I make a joke that the penguins are wearing little bracelets.  Know-it-all number 1 (I will here on out refer to her as “Dumber” of the Dumb and Dumber duet) decides to answer me with her brilliant knowledge of all things penguin.  Dumber says, “That’s so that they can’t fly away.”


First of all, the penguins are in a glass enclosure indoors.  Second, PENGUINS CAN’T FLY!  Hahahaha!

I laughed so hard.  Thank you Dumb and Dumber for making my trip to the Georgia Aquarium awesome.  Besides the ginormous whale shark, the icky octopus and the sea dragon, you were one of my favorite experiences of the day.


Jelly Fish

Fishies 🙂

More Fishies 🙂


Stupid People


There are way too many of them out there.  I encounter them every day.  I’m not saying I’m the smartest person in the world – not even close.  I am just saying that there are way too many stupid people.  Maybe they don’t know how to get smarter?  I will tell you.  It’s not about smarts – it’s about common sense.  Before you let that thought out of your mind:

  1. Google your question to see if someone else has already asked it.
  2. Say the question out loud – sometimes you will find that you can answer your own questions just by hearing them out loud.
  3. Read the entire email – STOP SKIM READING!  You’re missing valuable information!
  4. Read more – it will make your brain work a little harder.
  5. Play some sort of game that requires brain function – quit the video games and do a crossword puzzle or sudoku.
  6. Start a journal.  Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is by writing down the stupid things you think.
  7. Take a yoga class – it will help you to focus all that stupid energy of yours into something useful.
  8. More emphasis must be put on the simplicity of reading a book.  Doesn’t matter which one – let’s just work on getting more words into that your vocabulary of yours.
  9. Stop taking people so seriously.  Look up the word “sarcasm” in the dictionary…and then look up a few more while you’re at it.
  10. Take a walk – clear the cobwebs out of that hazy mind of yours.