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You have NO IDEA what tomorrow will bring. Show your love to those in your life. Are you not speaking to someone? Make it right before it’s too late. The argument won’t matter to you anymore once that person is no longer around. Make every moment count. Life is too short and much too fragile. Love so much that it hurts. Love with fierceness.

Just thinking about my mom a lot lately and wanted to remind everyone what I wrote in my blog entitled “What A Difference A Day Can Make.”  Show your love to those you love, even if you don’t like them much right now.  Just make things right.  I’m open for conversation if anyone needs help with this.  It’s important and you’re running out of time.

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  1. Life is just way to short to hold a grudge and not speak to loved ones. If anyone needs to say something, say it today as you never know what tomorrow may bring.

    • I wish I could have one more day with my mom. I miss her so much. It was so sudden and unexpected. Hope you are doing well. Time heals but it doesn’t hurt any less.

      • You’re very right about that. Same with Mia….especially at three months old. We’re taking it one breath at a time, but God is still blessing us daily. And I’m not sure that time will heal this wound. Only God can…time will just make the pain more bearable. Praying for peace for you, Jane.

      • I’ve actually had people ask me if I’m “over” my mom’s death. What I say is that you never get over someone’s death; you just learn to breath again.

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