A Special Bond


Did I tell you my mom owned 5 kittens before she died? I had recently visited her and fell in love with one of them. My husband was not excited about the idea of us taking one (we are still grieving the loss of our dog who passed away January 31, 2012). In fact, he said “No,” when I asked if we could take one.

One kitty in particular had already stolen my heart. I spent the weekend of March 16-18 taking pictures of her and playing with her.

After my mom passed away, I told my husband, “You know, you have to let me have this kitten now.” His simple reply was, “Yes.” So, that’s that! I now have a sweet kitten! Not just any kitten though. This kitten is special. This kitten was loved and brought into this world with the help of my mom. She was there the entire time mama kitty was giving birth to all these kittens. We were looking at her calendar after she passed and she was documenting important moments in their lives, just like a mother would do with her baby. We share a special bond. We were both loved by my mom. Enjoy the pictures – isn’t she cute?

P.S. I named her Debbie in honor of my mom.


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    • We aren’t sure. Mama cat is all black with green eyes. She was given to my mom as a present…but she was pregnant! We suspected she was but found out for sure when she kept getting fatter. Poor kitty was still a kitten herself when she gave birth – only about 9 or 10 months old. We think daddy must have been Siamese though because all the kittens have those gorgeous blue eyes and 3 of them look like mine does. They’re such pretty kitties! I love mine so much! She LOVES to cuddle! She even gets under the covers at night!

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