I encourage you to read this post written by another blogger. May it touch your life as it has touched mine.


And Jesus wept

Last week I was invited to a shelter to address about 50 men and women. I thought I had prepared my speech well, but when I got there and got talking to some people there, everything changed the whole scenario and subject of my visit there. I am a confident person, but this weekend I faltered a little. The stories were sad. I thought my situation, where I have come from and where I have been was bad but I realised I was blessed. One young girl caught my sight; let’s call her Fatima, aged 14. This young lady first asked me if I knew how to fix her head scarf because she is Muslim and since she had a stroke no one has tied her head scarf for her. As I fixed her headscarf for her, she asked me again if I could feed her before…

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About JaneEmily

I’m Jane. I’m quirky, a little verbose at times and I always over think everything. Here is the place where I will let all that out. I love to laugh. It helps me forget about my problems. You should try it. I’m a true friend, a lover, a fighter, a poet, a sinner and a great shoulder to cry on. Love me, hate me, take me or leave me. I’m Jane, that’s me. My mom is my hero. She was the greatest woman who ever lived. I'm not sure we realized this until after she was gone. I miss her every moment of every day.

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