100 Likes: Thanks Everyone!


Just wanted to give a shout out to my followers and anyone who has ever liked one of my posts! 
It means the world to me that you stopped by and took the time to read my post(s).

Just for fun, here’s 25 random facts about me:

  1. I used to have buck teeth but had braces twice – Thanks Dad!
  2. I once walked into a church service with toilet paper wrapped around my head because I had a headache. I was 7 or 8 years old at the time.
  3. I met my husband when I was about 11 years old.
  4. My middle name is Emily.
  5. I was 2 weeks late when I was born and weighed 9 pounds!
  6. I was born on the famous day that Julius Caesar was assassinated – “Beware the Ides of March!”
  7. I was a tom boy until I was in junior high school.
  8. I play the piano – but only when no one’s listening….I have stage fright.
  9. I contemplated eloping with my boyfriend in college – NOT CLINT! Thank God I had the sense not to!

    See? Told you I had buck teeth! Not sure which is worse though...the teeth or the hair!

  10. I got in trouble for jumping in the fountain at Palm Beach Atlantic University.
  11. I was once part of a funeral service for a fish named Earl…any Dixie Chick fans out there? We played the song “Earl Had to Die” and threw him into the Intracoastal Waterway in West Palm Beach…we video taped the whole thing.
  12. I took gymnastics for 6 years and my life dream used to be to be an Olympic gymnast and win a gold medal. I started too late in life though so quit when I was 16.
  13. After gymnastics, I took modeling lessons but realized how screwed up that industry was when they told me I should fast at least one day a week.
  14. I used to be in Brownies (girl scouts) but I beat up all the girls in my class!!!
  15. I used to suck my thumb (hence the buck teeth) but quit when my parents bribed me with a Popple…but I used to secretly suck my thumb in the bathroom…muah ha ha!
  16. My grandfather on my mom’s side was a war hero in WWII. He was a pilot and threw flares into the water to make it look like a runway and then lead the enemy away from the ship as he landed in the water.
  17. My hands are a miniature version of my dad’s hands.
  18. I look exactly like my mom.  We used to refer to each other as “twin.”
  19. My favorite movie is Oklahoma! (for the time being…it changes all the time)
  20. Before I loved Clint, the men I wanted to marry were: John Travolta and Brad Pitt.
  21. I LOVE rodents…all types. I’ve had over 25 hamsters in my life…and at least 3 of them were named “Hermy.” One was named Brad Pitt and he was married to Jane Clary.
  22. I killed a baby duckling when I was 4. I wanted to give him a bath with dish soap and it killed him 😦
  23. I used to collect jokers (from card decks).
  24. I got in trouble my senior year of high school for skipping BIBLE HISTORY class!!!
  25. Once I tried to light the grill for Clint and a BIG flame came up and singed off all my eyelashes and part of my eyebrows.

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