Umm…I Don’t Care for That Term


“That’s so plain Jane.”  Boo!  On behalf of all females out there named Jane, stop saying that!  I’m not plain!  I understand what you’re trying to say when you say that, but it’s highly offensive to anyone named Jane.  We like to think of ourselves as special and ANYTHING but PLAIN!

I know this is a normal part of speech and I don’t want you to lose terms that you like to use to explain things/people so I would like to help you replace this in your vocabulary.

Instead of saying, “That’s so plain Jane,” try this:

  1. She’s not fancy.
  2. Her style is so boring.
  3. She’s so ordinary.
  4. She’s very simple.
  5. She’s very uncomplicated.

That’s it for now.  Just remember that every time you use the term, “plain Jane,” someone punches a baby panda.
Save the pandas.  Don’t say it.


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  1. They are just jealous you have a name with such class and longevity. One of my favorite characters is Jane from Pride and Prejudice, and if I wasn’t done having kids I would have used it for my daughter.

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