Operation: No Caffeine


Let the insanity commence.
Lately, I’ve been reading about caffeine and how cutting it out of your diet can change everything. Anyone who knows me knows that one of the things I enjoy most in this life is coffee. I love it. I love the smell and the anticipation of that first taste every morning.
However, I’ve been feeling kind of crappy (to put it lightly). I can’t sleep. My muscles are sore a lot for no apparent reason. I have extreme PMS. Seriously, I actually went to the doctor for it. My exact words were, “You gotta give me something to help my PMS. I’m a raving bitch.”
The past 2 weeks I have really been pondering all these things and what to do. Everything that I have read suggests that my insomnia, muscle aches and PMS could be a result of caffeine. I realize I’m not a spring chicken anymore so some of this could be aging. But what if most of it is from the supposed “toxic” substance I willingly put into my body every day?
So, I have decided to try to rid my diet of caffeine. I decided this before really looking into it. Did you know that chocolate has caffeine in it?!?! WTF??? Ok…stay strong…deep breaths. I can do this.
Okay so step one: I bought decaf coffee. Did you know that even effing decaf coffee has caffeine in it?! So I guess this is just a step toward becoming completely caffeine free.
Step two: Avoid chocolate. Hell no, I’m not cutting this out of my diet altogether. I’m on a very low calorie diet so it’s not like I eat it a lot anyway. Sometimes chocolate is the only thing that can make your day better. Case in point: I ate an entire bag of Lindt chocolates the day my dog died. Didn’t bring my dog back but sure as hell made me feel better.
Step three: Develop a timeline for completely ridding myself of caffeine. I’m thinking 6 months is a good start. Everything I have read suggests that cutting it out cold turkey is really not a good idea.

Well, wish me luck. Here’s to feeling better and less “raving bitch-like” behavior.

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  1. Wow…best of luck with this one! I tried this once – gave up caffeine for lent – and found I was even more of a raving bitch without it. I hope you’ll keep us updated!

    • Yes, I’ll be keeping everyone apprised of my raving-bitch-like behavior. Hopefully, this works for me. My food cravings are out of control – all I can think about is chocolate and it’s ruining my weight loss! Spoiler alert – there will be a weight loss blog in the very near future 🙂

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